Frequently asked questions

Why am I seeing “old” data?

Each timeslot you’re looking at represents the hour of data. So if you’re looking at a column labeled 9pm .. this represents data between 9:00 pm and 9:59 pm.

For us to calculate the averages for the hour of 9 pm we need to wait for the clock to tick over into 10 pm. So, you can see how we’re able to only calculate the column labeled 9pm after 10pm.

But wait, it’s 15 minutes past the hour and I still don’t see the data update! That’s because there’s a LOT of data to process in the backend to run at exactly the change of hour. We’re actively working on this and will be making improvements over the coming days.

How can I see who voted for a Block Producer during that timeslot?

Simple, just click on the cell of the Block Producer you’d like to view. The page that opens will show you all accounts that have voted for that Block Producer during that timeslot.

Can I export the data to analyze further?

Yes, this will be implemented shortly.

The voter detail page is pretty simple … I want feature ‘x’

We’re working on it. We wanted to get a tool into your hands as fast as possible so we’ll be making regular improvements.

Feedback is welcome!

We would appreciate your feedback though, so please come chat with us in our Telegram channel at